Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tis the season...

Last weekend we decorated our Christmas Tree and I got the first few presents under the tree. Im a big fan of enjoying the WHOLE holiday for as long as possible. :) We spent Thanksgiving at my moms house which was wonderful. The little guy loved playing with his cousins and he is definately a fan of Thanksgiving dinner-our child has a very healthy appetite. J was excited to ref his first Pee-wee (12-14 yr olds) hockey game yesterday. He did very well and is ready for his Bantam (14-16) game this weekend. My only concern is that the older the kids the more attitude they have.
We are excited that Jason only has 9 days of school left for this semester. He will soon be have only 2 more semesters of classes (he still has 3 internships though). Christmas will be a lot of fun this year. We think T is getting to the age where he will be excited about his new presents.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I went to twilight. Its true. I stayed up late and went to the 1220am showing of the new hit craze of a movie on opening day. I think the last time I was up that late I was in labor. :)
I must say, I had a lot of fun. It was fun to hang out with some friends and do something completely girly. Although, we did not belong in the theatre with all the super crazy obsessed fans that were there. I think some people think vampires and werewolves really exist.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The other costume...

J dressed up for Halloween this year as well. His costume was well liked and was very well received by his class-mates. Here he "blind" referee.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Its not a holiday I enjoy to much but this year certainly put a smile on my face! The week started out with a housing party where I happened to be second place in a chili cook-off! Go me. Later this week we had a trunk or treat and a party with Jason's class and then we went to Grandma's to go trick or treating around her neighborhood. Ty got used to the trick or treating idea really quick! He enjoyed the trunk or treat but last night he started running from door to door knocking then saying "please" when someone answered! Then he would politely say "thank you" and be off to the next door! I must say even for me it was fun. Between all the party's he ended up with way too much candy so Jason and I are helping him out... :)

I made his costume when we were back in NY. He was a red M&M. He kept it on the entire time last night and enjoyed showing grandma hawks where his M was. Thank you Mary Anne for your help!