Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our "Spring Egg hunt"

Today our Shoreline Community had a spring egg hunt. It struck me a little odd that they didnt just call it what it really is...and EASTER egg hunt. Apparently we have to be politically correct even when talking about free candy. Anyway, the party began with an Adult Egg Hunt. Lets be honest...Im a competative person. I like to win. Its a weakness I am still trying to make a strength. I wasnt so much concerned with what I found...I just wanted to find it. All of it. I wanted the get the eggs. None of this wait up for your kid stuff; nope, not me. I was like "well, its the adult egg hunt, move over shorty." (I didn't really say that to anyone). So here I am running every which way climbing through these like prickly bush things and climbing tree's and sliding through snow (yes, I do have small cuts all over my hands and ankles). I'm all sorts of shoving eggs in my pockets and everything. Well when its all said and done we end up with candy we really don't need but we will gladly take and a gift certificate to smiths and toys R us. We gave the smiths one away cause we weren't allowed two. oh well. Then we had the kid egg hunt and I was like "Dude, stop looking as whats inside and just grab some eggs dude! hahaha" I think T had a lot of fun. He's a much better person than his mom and he enjoyed watching other kids finding then eggs more than he enjoyed the finding himself. He is such a good boy and I should learn from him! Then we got lunch. Yum. We had a lot of fun! Sorry I have no pictures. I forgot to take the camera. It the spirit of the time of year...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I guess I deserve it...

I am a cynical person. Well, my child is too much like his mother and I guess I deserve it. Lately, he has challenged me with many things. The most recent...

T: I want some more gummy bears
Me: They are all gone
T: I need to see it all gone
Me: T, they are all gone, there is no more.
T: I wanna see.

He does this with everything he wants or if he disagrees with something I tell him. He seems to always want proof. Needless to say I think his daddy has to teach both of us how to have a little more faith!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday buddy!

I cant believe my baby is 2! Two years ago was by far one of the best days of my life because this little charming graced his way into the world. He has kept me busy ever since...and no doubt it'll only get busier! We love you so much my small fry bugga-boo!

A few pix for your viewing pleasure

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ahhhh Today...

So today, a good day that brought me many a laugh. I am expecting that with an *almost* two year old it will happen more often than not. This morning I was in the kitchen making a few things and T likes to hang out with me. He is big enough to open everything-the fridge, the drawers, the oven-everything. After pulling out numerous condiments from the fridge and bringing them to me and saying "dinner soon" he decided it was time to help me by unloading my drawer of kitchen utensils. At this point I wish I would have had my camera. He grabbed a spatula and said "can-cucks now" then came the tongs and he said "meat soon" and my favorite was the ice cream scoop when he said "Yummy ice cream for Ty" as he licked the scoop.

We were also able to go to the Draper Temple open house today. (No picture because I'm still learning how to take a camera with me when I go places). Well, I was hoping my child would somehow find it in him to be reverent (yeah right) and quiet (try again). I think he would have been okay but they made the mistake of having the baptismal font at the beginning of the tour. The entire tour after that my offspring kept saying "More cow water, more cow water. I want water. PEASEEEEEEE!" ('L' in please left out on purpose).