Sunday, February 21, 2010

The cat that ripped the bag to shreds...and spilled the beans in the process

Thanks to my wonderful, loving, supportive, not to mention EXCITED husband, this cat is so far out of the bag, the bag might as well never exist. :) Apparently he found no reason to keep his excitement contained after 23 weeks so he spilled the beans. Last week he posted on his facebook "Its a girl." While most people picked up on that subtle yet entirely obvious message, there were a few who assumed he was excited about our new niece who was recently introduced into the world. While her birth is an exciting addition to our extended family it was, in fact, not what Jason was announcing.
We know that this baby truly is a miracle baby. After a long time of fertility treatments, lots of tests (many with less that favorable results), and being told that there was no way this was happening at this point in our lives, we had both accepted that for now, we were going to remain a family of three. The next thing we know, our doctor (who happens to be a high risk and infertility specialist) is looking at me saying "I have been over these results a thousand times and I have no medical explanation for why this happened. Keep saying your prayers and paying your tithing."
I have been blessed that this pregnancy hasn't been as bad as it was with T. I give most of the credit to the "cancer drugs" (meds used for nausea) that worked this time. At one point I think I was taking 7 pills a night. (I'm still nauseated, but apparently not enough to keep me from gaining like 80 pounds.) It seems that all the issues we have dealt with so far have been relatively minor. T has been a doll as well. He covers my with blankets, brings me pillows, strokes my head and my arms, brings me water, all while saying "Mommy, I so sorry you so sickies." He has taken excellent care of himself and me! He is very excited for his baby sister and tells me that he wants to hold her and give her loves and when we are in the car and she gets scared he will hold her hand and give her a pass (a binky).

So for now, we are taking it a day, week, and month at a time hoping that in June we are blessed with another happy, healthy, and perfect little child.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And so it begins...

Well, it has begun. The mad search for a job before J officially graduates with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy! We are very excited and I am quite proud of him. He has worked so hard during the past years to get to this point. He is currently finishing up two interships which will conclude the end of April, studying for the national exam, which he plans to take...AND late march or April, and he is also applying and interviewing for jobs! He is planning on focusing on wound care which is a more specialized area of PT but he loves it. He has already done 3 internships/clinicals in it as well as his doctoral project. Because of this it has made him very marketable in the wound care area since they really only have 1 class on it. This last week we spend a few days up in Boise with a company that has expressed a lot of interest in him. He enjoyed it very much and was very interested in the facilities, the people, and the opportunity. We are hoping something might come of it! This week he is in San Deigo at a national PT conference where he will network and pass out lots of resumes. He also has been working with a recruiter who is looking for him! We have narrowed it down to 6 states that we would be willing to go to so hopefully that gives us more options too! Ideally we know by the end of March where we could end up but we know we dont have too much control over that part!

We are excited to start this new phase in life but nervous at the same time! In the past few years we have actually ENJOYED being students! Our life is "easy", predictable, simple, and we have made some wonderful friends and had some incredible experiences during our time in school. Mostly I think we are fearing the "real world" of bills, no time-off and early days, and LOAN RE-PAYMENT!