Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A few more pix of la Casa

Ahhh...My favorite room. My kitchen. It is a working kitchen so it is rarely clear of dishes and food. It looks okay in the pix. :)
1 more of the kitchen.
Downstairs bathroom/Guest bathroom. It isnt quite as blue as it looks. Its more of a "sea breeze" blue (thats what the can said).
The entry way from the landing. It looks a little weird. I love the tile-its one of my favorite features.
Entry way to stairs from front door. Living and dining are to the left and family room is through the large archway at the right of the stairs.
Living room area. I know the pictures aren't centered on the sofa. I am still playing with furniture placement. If only I had a piano then I would know where to put everything.
Dining area. We use this everyday. We always eat out meals as a family at the dining table.

Still to come is the master bed/bath, family room, and guest room. I will keep you on edge till the next post.