Friday, October 8, 2010

our house...

Sadly I admit I still have no pictures. We are getting internet connected on MONDAY so no more of this silly phone internet stuff. Then pictures will be coming shortly. For now you get more details.

About a week before we found this house Jason asked our realtor (who happens to be his aunts best friend) if she has ever had clients that it took so long to find a house. She said no. Haha. It wasn't our fault either! We offered on 6 propertires-all of which were owner or bank owned. Not a single short sale. Well we just kept praying that we would find the house that was right for us in the place we needed to be. Randomly 1 day I got crazy and expanded our search 10,000 more dollars and found this house. I was drawn to it but we had decided what we would spend on a house and we didn't want to go over. We didn't want to spend more than we had to for what we needed. Plus the market here is craxy good for buyers. Well, I kept the house in my search just to track it. At this point it was only on the market 6 days...a few days later the price dropped 11,000 dollars. We couldn't believe it! We looked at it the same day and put in an offer. A few days later it was verbally accepted and we drew up a contract. Then the bank tells us we are in a "highest and best" situation. We said nope. If our offer was good enough the 1st time its good enough now. A week later [we thought we had lost it] they called and asked if we were still interested with our original! (We later found out there was no other offers). Well, after that it took less than a month to close. Now we are here. Its a gorgeous home and we are so lucky to be here. Our realtor said in her decades of real estate she has never seen a "too good too be true" property like this one. So a few details. It is 2 stories. About 2900 sq feet. 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a loft upstairs and 1 bd, 1 bathroom, living\dining room, family room, laundry room and kitchen on the main floor. 2 car garage. An actual lot big enough to play in! (Vegas is not known for its yards) granite counters in a super pretty kitchen. We love love love it and we know this is where we should be. Our guest room is up and running so feel free to call!