Friday, August 6, 2010


That is what we are doing...adjusting.
We are all adjusting to little girl-though we all love her, T most especially, its been an adjustment. We are still adjusting to the heat. Not much to do with a 3 yr old and newborn when its 110^ outside, and when you live in a small two bedroom apt with no english speaking neighbors, no yard, no playground and no ward members within walking distance.poor T hasn't really played with friends since we left salt lake in May...neither have I. Jason has the car at work so we stay here most everyday...which means we are still adjusting to not having internet except on our small cell phones, not having t.v. (which is really hard when T wakes up early or when I'm feeding baby girl or just when I wanna watch the darn news! We like it here...we are just...ADJUSTING...

We are hoping that we will get in to one of the homes we are negotiating on. Which means...neighbors, a yard, more space, more rooms, internet, t.v., and someday another car... but we are still working on the friends thing.
We miss our friends a whole darn lot.

But, we are adjusting...