Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The things we like about our new place...

Well, we are officially moved it. It has been a long and busy two days but we are all settled it (except for the picture hanging and a bit of organizing). In a matter of a day and a half we have already started to enjoy a few things we like to consider luxuries!
-AC. Jason and I have never had AC in the three years of marriage. And now...we have it!
-Dishwasher. Its a little strange that we dont have to play paper rock scissors to determine whose job it is!
-Internet. The most we have had is dail-up. But here at our new place it is so totally included!
-WD hookups. Now, this is cool. You mean I dont have to walk back and forth to a coin op with a toddler in tow? Cool! The hookups would be depressing without the screaming awesome deal we got on a Washer/Dryer. Great condition, about 2-3 years old whirlpool set for 100$. I love craigs list!
-Maintenance. Seriously. We requested our blinds be fixed and miraculously within 12 hours, they were. We have never had service like that!

It doesnt take make to impress us these days. :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We have a place to live!

We have offially found a place to live! We are very excited to be able to be in our own place again on Tuesday. We will be living at "Shoreline Ridge." It is the housing they build for the Olympic Athletes. We got a pretty good deal and it is really close to Jasons buildings. We are very excited! Tuesday cant come to soon!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Jason is now home! It is wonderful. I flew down on Wednesday and we drove back together yesterday. We are so happy that the internship is over! It was such a good experience for him and he learned a lot but we are ready to be back in a place together. Now we just have to find one. :)
Ty was sick last week. It was so sad! He had what was described to me as having ulcers on his tonsils. He was in SO MUCH PAIN and there was nothing we could do...just wait it out. I had him practically drinking Tylonol out of the bottle! He is doing much better now but I think it is because his daddy is home and no one can make him laugh like his daddy can!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Freedom Day

(I was emailed this pic by a friend and loved it!)

We want to wish everyone a happy 4th of July!

And even though the price of everything is going up and there are so many sad things happening in the world at least we can walk outside and not see soilders with machine guns strolling our streets and we can run around with our kids and not have to worry about stepping on land mines and at least we are free.

I admire and respect those woman who say goodbye to thier husbands for much longer than I said goodbye to mine.

Remember our soilders this holiday and how thankful we should be for them.