Monday, November 22, 2010


Our trip to DisneyWorld was amazing! We had so much fun with J's family! We all flew in last Saturday and then spent Monday-Friday at DisneyWorld and then sadly we all left our different ways to go home on Saturday. Sunday was our nieces 7th birthday so we had a family party for her. Monday was my Father in Laws 60th birthday (the reason for the trip). We spent the day at Magic Kingdom. We had so much fun! T was beside himself with joy! MJ did very well considering most of her time was spent in a stroller! T went on all but 2 rides he was tall enough to go on! He did great on some...okay on others. Jason put it best when he said "Being tall enough to ride and old enough to enjoy are two very different things." Tuesday we spent at Animal Kingdom, Wednesday at Epcot (and more Magic Kingdom), Thursday at Hollywood Studios, and Friday at Magic Kingdom again. We were all spoiled absolutely rotten and it was an awesome family vacation.

The picture below is what prompted J's comment.
(I want to make it clear that this was the SECOND time T went on Splash Mountain. The first time he was all smiles and giggled most of the time. When we got off (SOAKED) he asked me if we could go we did. The second time he didnt do so well. I think its because 1)we got stuck on the ride for an additional 15 minutes 2)he had me and Jason telling him "its okay, its just a small drop, you are okay, blah blah blah the whole time and 3)he inherited his mothers anxiety because the whole time he kept waiting anxiously for the "big drop."