Friday, June 8, 2012

Utah Trip

Final Farewell (for 3 years)

Last week we spent some time with my parents and siblings as one last hurrah before my parents head across the world to Preside over the China, Hong Kong Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We spent 3 days in an amazing cabin above Heber, UT. All the grand kids played sun up to sun down and got along beautifully! We spent time at the zoo, fishing, going on "adventures," going out to eat, and going to a water-park. There didn't seem to be a single fight between any of them! All the adults did pretty well too!!! It was a great time with my awesome family. While it was an incredibly bittersweet moment to see my parents say goodbye to my children who will no longer be little when they return, it was such a great reminder or how important it is for all of us to live our lives the way the Lord wants us to and how blessed we will be because of it. I am now and will be eternally grateful for such wonderful parents who have always been the best example to me!