Friday, December 4, 2009

To all those...

This is for all of you who have had "one of those days."
I saw this for the first time when I was a junior in high school.
Im sure some of you have seen it before, but its a classic.
I think I have watched this at least once a week since then.

Enjoy the most used karaoke song in America.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Im memory

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of the death of J's mother. She died after a very quick and unexpected battle with cancer on Thanksgiving 2006. We remember her as a wonderful woman, mother, and friend. We miss her greatly but know that she has passed her mortal test and waits for us in the eternities.
We are very grateful for the time we were able to spend with her and that in her last moments all of her children, who were around the world, were able to be together one last time as a family. We are now lucky enough that every Thanksgiving we not only have the opportunity to reflect on our blessings but also the wonderful plan our Savior as put in place for us to all be together again.

We love you Jayne!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I need to post...

I need to post and yet we have nothing to post about...

Our lives never really change. Not than I am complaining!

Lets see, T is awesome. The kid freakin cracks me up everyday. Love him to death. Minus the whole sleep issue. He is crazy. The kid needs less sleep than me. I don't get it. Then the time change...thank you lame-o daylight savings. Rid us of this stupid thing! I think we have finally worked out a new system...and it includes an earlier bedtime, him waking up happy, and me not pulling my hair out. Its a win-win. I have no sympathy for people who tell me that their 4 year old no longer takes naps...hahaha...Try 22 months people and only a 9 hour night. At least my kid has learned how to play by himself. He is content in his room alone and doesn't come out until I tell him too. Good boy...very good boy.

J is fine. His birthday was last week. I saved and saved and saved and got him something he has really really wanted. A new driver. I must admit that I don't understand nor do I support the extreme costs of his preferred sports but I support nonetheless. I got him a TaylorMade Tour Burner. Its a nice VERY nice. He hasn't gotten it yet because it got stuck in the mail. Hopefully Monday or Tuesday...
He is getting extremely anxious to finish school. Lets be honest, I am getting extremely anxious for him to finish school. The end is in sight! Not too much longer before he will officially have his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. He has already started to receive "unofficial" offers. Its nice to know we have possibilities!

I am normal, the same, fine, whatever. Not much going on. I just hang out with my boys.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Shared Loves

All parents like to share their favorite things with their children. J has absolutely enjoyed sharing his love and skill of hockey with T. T has absolutely loved it. Nothing makes him happier than when daddy asks if he wants to go to the ice rink! He is doing SO well too! When his feet got big enough a few months ago we took him off of his double runner skates and put him in "real" skates. He will skate on his own for a little bit, he loves holding a hockey stick and shooting the puck but his FAVORITE thing is when daddy holds his arms and goes "speedy fast" all the way around the rink. He loves getting "snowed" by daddy almost as much. He is definitely well on his way to feeling like the ice rink is his home.

Well, I too have a deep love for something that I wanted to share with T. I was so excited last week because I had an appointment set up to take him to the dentist. I love the dentist. LOVE it. Its what I look forward too every day of my life. To me there is nothing better than having someone else clean my teeth. Ahhhh... I love it. I don't even mind the dentists lame jokes. Well, my child has less of a love for the dentist. Sad but true. He was very cooperative through his tears though. As upset as he was, when he was asked to open, he opened. When he was asked to rinse, he rinsed. He did so good...he just did it very upset.
And there may be some of you who don't know that T has a VERY sensitive gag reflex. He gags at everything. He doesn't throw up anymore (thank goodness), but he gags incessantly.
Here are a few of our favorites...
the smell of hard boiled eggs
the drip of milk that came out of a baby's mouth
the puddle of syrup from a bottle HE dropped
the aforementioned baby eating applesauce
and of the dentist when his teeth were painted with fluoride.

And many, many more...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Forever weened

A few months ago we took T's pacifier away for good. He has only had it when he sleeps since his 1st birthday and we tried a couple times to take it away for good but because of moving it didn't work out. So, we tried to take it away when we knew we didn't have anything that we constitute as a "big change" for him--no traveling, no moving, he was already out of his crib, etc. Well, I was anticipating something strait out a horror film. He only had a hard time falling asleep ONE NIGHT. It took him about an hour and he wanted me to sit by his bed and hold his hand, but no tears. The next night he asked for it a few times but went to bed with no tears. After that, he just accepted that "all the other babies" get the pacifiers. Needless to say I actually had a hard time with taking it away. I felt like I was stripping him of the last thing he had that was even remotely "baby!"

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sweet comfort

As many of you know T is not known for sleeping a lot. He stopped taking naps at about 21 months unless we run him ragged (which only happens when I wake him up early and make him run everywhere in the sun). His nights are not consistent either...sometimes sleeping 12 hours, sometimes only 9! I am very blessed that when I put him in his room he stays there but because of that, if he isnt tired he makes a mess of his room! I will find books everywhere, clothes all over the floor, crayon on the walls, etc. Last night he didnt want to go to sleep when I put him in bed and I told him that I wanted him to stay in bed. He got frustrated and said his animals were taking up too much room so he had to throw them off his bed...which he did. Later I heard him talking about "camping out." When I went to check on him he had found a new place to sleep...

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Heber Creeper

My family took a little trip on the Heber Creeper. T and all his cousins loved it! The adults enjoyed it too... T had a bit of an issue with the horn the first few times because we were right in front behind the engine but once he got used to it he couldnt wait to hear it again! It really was beautiful and scenic. He had reminded us of the big train many times in the past few weeks!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bees Game

Last week we got some free tickets for a Bee's game through the hospital and they also gave us 15$ worth of food vouchers (plus it was 70's night so concessions was 70's prices)! T enjoyed the time we were there and I know J enjoyed being able to share his love of baseball with his son.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A short update...

During our recent trip to NY we went
to visit T's uncle at his firehouse. (And
yes, T is on the verge of tears with the
jacket was HEAVY!!!)

We go to "This is the Place Park" a lot since it is right around the corner from us. T loves the trains, the petting zoo, and the pony rides!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Today I took T to the zoo. We go so often that the simple act of going to the zoo isnt a big deal, but today something very VERY special happened. T was accompanied by his good little neighbor friend "I". For the first time T didnt want to be held or sit in the stroller, he just wanted to run around the zoo with his friend the whole time we were there! It was awesome! But to top it all child, who does not take naps...TOOK A NAP! Apparently his friend ran him so ragged that he just had to take a nap--a 2 hour one! I am so eternally grateful to our little friend "I" ! He is HIRED!!!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The latest adventure

We took the little guy swimming last week and he absolutely loved it. He has alwasy loved the water and lately bathtime has become a bit of a battle trying to keep the water in the tub--so we promised him we would take him to the pool where he could splash all he wants!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not a thrill seeker...

We have learned that apparently T is not a thrill seeker. Because we live on the east bench we have to go down a decent sized hill to go grocery shopping. I have been wanting to get this on camera for a long time an I finally got it. I was alone so it isnt very good because I was more concerned with driving. He hates this hill. Im a terribly mean mommy but we think its funny.


T really enjoyed Easter this year! We had a family Easter party at my grandmothers house down in Ephraim, Utah. We have been hiding eggs for him at least a couple times a day since then! He loves looking for eggs and hiding them!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our "Spring Egg hunt"

Today our Shoreline Community had a spring egg hunt. It struck me a little odd that they didnt just call it what it really is...and EASTER egg hunt. Apparently we have to be politically correct even when talking about free candy. Anyway, the party began with an Adult Egg Hunt. Lets be honest...Im a competative person. I like to win. Its a weakness I am still trying to make a strength. I wasnt so much concerned with what I found...I just wanted to find it. All of it. I wanted the get the eggs. None of this wait up for your kid stuff; nope, not me. I was like "well, its the adult egg hunt, move over shorty." (I didn't really say that to anyone). So here I am running every which way climbing through these like prickly bush things and climbing tree's and sliding through snow (yes, I do have small cuts all over my hands and ankles). I'm all sorts of shoving eggs in my pockets and everything. Well when its all said and done we end up with candy we really don't need but we will gladly take and a gift certificate to smiths and toys R us. We gave the smiths one away cause we weren't allowed two. oh well. Then we had the kid egg hunt and I was like "Dude, stop looking as whats inside and just grab some eggs dude! hahaha" I think T had a lot of fun. He's a much better person than his mom and he enjoyed watching other kids finding then eggs more than he enjoyed the finding himself. He is such a good boy and I should learn from him! Then we got lunch. Yum. We had a lot of fun! Sorry I have no pictures. I forgot to take the camera. It the spirit of the time of year...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I guess I deserve it...

I am a cynical person. Well, my child is too much like his mother and I guess I deserve it. Lately, he has challenged me with many things. The most recent...

T: I want some more gummy bears
Me: They are all gone
T: I need to see it all gone
Me: T, they are all gone, there is no more.
T: I wanna see.

He does this with everything he wants or if he disagrees with something I tell him. He seems to always want proof. Needless to say I think his daddy has to teach both of us how to have a little more faith!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday buddy!

I cant believe my baby is 2! Two years ago was by far one of the best days of my life because this little charming graced his way into the world. He has kept me busy ever since...and no doubt it'll only get busier! We love you so much my small fry bugga-boo!

A few pix for your viewing pleasure

Friday, March 6, 2009

Ahhhh Today...

So today, a good day that brought me many a laugh. I am expecting that with an *almost* two year old it will happen more often than not. This morning I was in the kitchen making a few things and T likes to hang out with me. He is big enough to open everything-the fridge, the drawers, the oven-everything. After pulling out numerous condiments from the fridge and bringing them to me and saying "dinner soon" he decided it was time to help me by unloading my drawer of kitchen utensils. At this point I wish I would have had my camera. He grabbed a spatula and said "can-cucks now" then came the tongs and he said "meat soon" and my favorite was the ice cream scoop when he said "Yummy ice cream for Ty" as he licked the scoop.

We were also able to go to the Draper Temple open house today. (No picture because I'm still learning how to take a camera with me when I go places). Well, I was hoping my child would somehow find it in him to be reverent (yeah right) and quiet (try again). I think he would have been okay but they made the mistake of having the baptismal font at the beginning of the tour. The entire tour after that my offspring kept saying "More cow water, more cow water. I want water. PEASEEEEEEE!" ('L' in please left out on purpose).

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I must be the luckiest person in the whole world. Lately I have recieved an incredible amount of phone calls and emails telling me I'm the winner! Apparently I am entitled to everything from gatorade to cars to thousands of dollars. Wow. How lucky am I.


A semi truck crashed on NB I-15 today spilling hundreds of pounds of hamburger patties. To be more specific they announced they were McDonalds quarter pounders. Not a fan of McD's but if I was in the area I would have snatched a few. Nothing like a little help with food in this time of need.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My kid makes me laugh...

When my oldest nephew was about two he made us laugh so hard. He was always doing funny things and saying things that made us cry of laughter. I always wondered if my kid would do the same thing...he does. The top three for this past week are:

1) He brought me the remote, climbed on the couch and said "Its time to watch the news."

2) When Jason came home from school one day T looked at him and said "Shoes off. Put Jacket away."

And the next one is PG rated...

3) Jason asked him if he needed a diaper change by saing "T, do you smell like pee-pee." T looked back at him and said "Daddy smells like poop... Gross."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

27 years young...

Well, I didnt think I'd make it but I have officially reached the age of 27. Happy Birthday to me. :) Im going to copy an idea a friend of mine did (thanks Katie) and say 27 pretty cool things if my life... (in a completely random order...)

1) Marrying a cool guy. :)
2) Being the mom to the best kid known to man.
3) Being endowed in the LDS temple
4) Getting a college degree
5) Being a part of a choir that sang in St. Patricks cathedral in NYC
6) Living a short part of my life on my own in Hawaii
7) Working at the Polynesian Cultural Center
8) Going on my Australian adventure (the same adventure where my BF nener got engaged at the "hobbit tree" in New Zealand on the lord of the rings tour)
9) Diving at the Great Barrier Reef
10) Going to DisneyLand. (yes, its had an huge impact on my 22 yr old life)
11) Seeing Wicked on Broadway (again, a huge impact on my life)
12) Winning a first place prize in a pie contest (you heard me Shoreline)
13) Earning the Presidential Service Award
14) Learned how to surf (which by the way is nothing like snowboarding-which I also do)
15) Learned how to shoot a WICKED crazy wrist shot in hockey (and first I had to learn to skate-which Im not too bad at thanks to my super talented hockey husband)
16) Gotten more than 50 stitches (and as far as I know I am still fully functioning)
17) I am certified to teach Self Defense
18) In my work as a dispatcher I helped apprehend more than one serious loser. (i.e. criminal)
19) I hold the high score in Wii bowling (at my parents house)
20) I consistently *save* more than I spend when I shop (trust me, its cool)
21) I am a member of a flippin cool family with rockin parents, studly brothers, adorable nieces and nephews, and a super sis.
22) I can play the drum solo in "wipeout" ( (thats not me)
23) I have been parasailing 3 times over the ocean.
24) I can color in the lines and cut a straight line
25) I was the only girl out of 20 to pass a fire academy test (like 5 years ago)
26) Driven a training stock car on the training NASCAR track in Las Vegas
27) I used to run a lot... like races and stuff-and I was pretty good.

Feel free to tell me more cool things about my life. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting things done

Im done with our taxes, done getting dinner prepared, done with the laundry, and Im learning how to cuteify my blog!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My boring life of blogging...

I will be taking applications for anyone who wants to "cute" up my blog. I cant figure this darned thing out, and I dont think I have the patience. So its a complete dinner on me for whoever wants to give detail and fresh look to my ugly blog.
Also, just for everyones information, our life is much more "extraordinary" than my lack of posts might portray. Im just bad at keeping up. Also, for everyones information~ since Circuit City has announced the liquidation of every one of thier stores I will be on the lookout for a new camera. I bought our current camera before one of my traveling excursions and I think it just might have been one of the first ones ever made...or its made of pure gold. The thing weighs about 5 pounds.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'm writing a letter. My super genius child was able to open the so-called "child proof" infants Tylenol bottle. It was on his dresser which apparently he can reach when he climbs up onto his window seat... either way he was able to open the bottle. Thankfully he found it much more fun to pour it out all over the place rather than eat it.