Wednesday, January 28, 2009

27 years young...

Well, I didnt think I'd make it but I have officially reached the age of 27. Happy Birthday to me. :) Im going to copy an idea a friend of mine did (thanks Katie) and say 27 pretty cool things if my life... (in a completely random order...)

1) Marrying a cool guy. :)
2) Being the mom to the best kid known to man.
3) Being endowed in the LDS temple
4) Getting a college degree
5) Being a part of a choir that sang in St. Patricks cathedral in NYC
6) Living a short part of my life on my own in Hawaii
7) Working at the Polynesian Cultural Center
8) Going on my Australian adventure (the same adventure where my BF nener got engaged at the "hobbit tree" in New Zealand on the lord of the rings tour)
9) Diving at the Great Barrier Reef
10) Going to DisneyLand. (yes, its had an huge impact on my 22 yr old life)
11) Seeing Wicked on Broadway (again, a huge impact on my life)
12) Winning a first place prize in a pie contest (you heard me Shoreline)
13) Earning the Presidential Service Award
14) Learned how to surf (which by the way is nothing like snowboarding-which I also do)
15) Learned how to shoot a WICKED crazy wrist shot in hockey (and first I had to learn to skate-which Im not too bad at thanks to my super talented hockey husband)
16) Gotten more than 50 stitches (and as far as I know I am still fully functioning)
17) I am certified to teach Self Defense
18) In my work as a dispatcher I helped apprehend more than one serious loser. (i.e. criminal)
19) I hold the high score in Wii bowling (at my parents house)
20) I consistently *save* more than I spend when I shop (trust me, its cool)
21) I am a member of a flippin cool family with rockin parents, studly brothers, adorable nieces and nephews, and a super sis.
22) I can play the drum solo in "wipeout" ( (thats not me)
23) I have been parasailing 3 times over the ocean.
24) I can color in the lines and cut a straight line
25) I was the only girl out of 20 to pass a fire academy test (like 5 years ago)
26) Driven a training stock car on the training NASCAR track in Las Vegas
27) I used to run a lot... like races and stuff-and I was pretty good.

Feel free to tell me more cool things about my life. :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Getting things done

Im done with our taxes, done getting dinner prepared, done with the laundry, and Im learning how to cuteify my blog!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My boring life of blogging...

I will be taking applications for anyone who wants to "cute" up my blog. I cant figure this darned thing out, and I dont think I have the patience. So its a complete dinner on me for whoever wants to give detail and fresh look to my ugly blog.
Also, just for everyones information, our life is much more "extraordinary" than my lack of posts might portray. Im just bad at keeping up. Also, for everyones information~ since Circuit City has announced the liquidation of every one of thier stores I will be on the lookout for a new camera. I bought our current camera before one of my traveling excursions and I think it just might have been one of the first ones ever made...or its made of pure gold. The thing weighs about 5 pounds.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'm writing a letter. My super genius child was able to open the so-called "child proof" infants Tylenol bottle. It was on his dresser which apparently he can reach when he climbs up onto his window seat... either way he was able to open the bottle. Thankfully he found it much more fun to pour it out all over the place rather than eat it.