Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My 4th Anniversary.

Today was my 4th anniversary of becoming a mother. My sweet little TJ turned 4 and it was a big day for me. This was the first birthday he had that he wasn't my baby. This was the first time we had a big "all for TJ" party. It was the first birthday in a new house and a new place, and his first birthday without cousins and grandparents. :(
It was a good day though. He woke up happy, he was thrilled the whole day and he couldn't have been happier about us falling all over him. This afternoon he looked at his daddy and said "I sure do like it when its my birthday."

I love this little guy so much. He has changed my life. Because if him, I got something that I can never lose or have taken away from me. He made me a mom. 4 years ago he stole my heart (and every night of sleep since then).

Happy Birthday TJ! I love you so much. You are the funniest, sweetest, smartest and most handsome 4 year old I know!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The new digs

This is just the upstairs landing area. I just really like our wrap around banister and I am going to make that wall with a lot more family pictures.

I am still doing LOTS of work on this room. Its the Hockey and hobby room. Still have lots of hockey stuff to hang up and it needs furniture. We have a twin bed to use as a secondary guest room and we want to put a computer desk in here. For now its where I do all my sewing projects.

T's room (obviously) The blue wall isnt quite as bright as the pictures makes it seem. Still working on his decor as well. (Cant quite figure out what to do on the wall above his bed!)
Kids bathroom and my cute boy. There are frogs everywhere...cant really see them in the pic though.

This is MJ's room. I still have a lot of work to do in terms of decor... I thought about buying a black crib but opted out. Above her bed there are flowers and butterflies and the frames say "MJ" and ladybugs surrounding the frames. draw your attention to the ADORABLE dust ruffle...yeah, I MADE THAT. (quickly becoming my favorite room in the house -other than the kitchen- and the room I am most proud of!)

This is our loft which we call our playroom. :) On the wall above the couch I am going to put lots of pix of my kids playing and on the wall above the hockey net I am going to put a large corkboard to display all of the beautiful artwork that is accumulating on my fridge. :)

So enjoy this post, it could be awhile before you get another one. I still have the whole downstairs to take pix of as well as the master bed/bath. Aren't you excited. If you dont want to wait for pictures you are WELCOME to come and stop in. :)