Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Its been a while...and now the helmet is off!!!

It has certainly been a while since the last post. Ty is at the age where he cant really be trusted to just sit and play nice anymore. He is increasingly intrigued by everything and wants to get into, and destroy anything he possibly can! He is such a good kid though. Jason and I have no complaints. He is very patient (jason tests him all the time) and he just loves to smile and laugh. He certainly keeps me busy and having him and a computer within 2 feet of each other isnt wise...he would fine the keys, lights, and cords way to tempting!
Today was a particularly special day...the helmet is officially off! The doctor said he sees incredible improvement and with time as Ty grows his head should continue to shape perfectly. :) We are very excited to be able to kiss his head and not have to worry about a helmet smashing down on our faces! The biggest issue at hand at the current time is a haircut. His hair has continued to grow and grow underneath that helmet and now it needs a trim! In its current state Im sure some people would die for the volume he has! We took a few final helmet pictures last night and we tried to keep him still for atleast a half second to get one of him tonight without the helmet.

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Emily W said...

Yay! That is exciting, but I guess know he doesn't have his built in protection for falling, oh well :)