Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The things we like about our new place...

Well, we are officially moved it. It has been a long and busy two days but we are all settled it (except for the picture hanging and a bit of organizing). In a matter of a day and a half we have already started to enjoy a few things we like to consider luxuries!
-AC. Jason and I have never had AC in the three years of marriage. And now...we have it!
-Dishwasher. Its a little strange that we dont have to play paper rock scissors to determine whose job it is!
-Internet. The most we have had is dail-up. But here at our new place it is so totally included!
-WD hookups. Now, this is cool. You mean I dont have to walk back and forth to a coin op with a toddler in tow? Cool! The hookups would be depressing without the screaming awesome deal we got on a Washer/Dryer. Great condition, about 2-3 years old whirlpool set for 100$. I love craigs list!
-Maintenance. Seriously. We requested our blinds be fixed and miraculously within 12 hours, they were. We have never had service like that!

It doesnt take make to impress us these days. :)


Mary Anne said...

Sounds like a GREAT place. Excited for you to have high-speed internet so this Grandma can see more pictures of cute Ty!

Katie and Brandon Bitter said...

Sounds wicked awesome... We're excited to see it. anndd... It makes me want to move! today!

Jo said...

Wahoo!! Now we need some pics.