Sunday, May 30, 2010

We miss...

Our friends.
The playgrounds.
Running in the hallway.
Our friends.
The ward.
Oh yeah...and our friends.

We miss so many of you so much. T asks for his friends all the time. He has asked me when we are going to go home to his house. Just today he told me he wants "his" nursery back. He is doing well but this change has been hard on all of us. We miss a lot of things and people! We miss all our friends---both toddler and adult!


Braids said...

And we miss you! I keep having weird experiences where I think I'll run into going out on the playground and being surprised to NOT see you or J with T.

Rocks In The Wash said...

We miss you too!

I'm teaching a radKIDS class in Randy's ward again 6/5-6/11 if you plan on coming and visiting family then. We'll be holding it every day for a week... want to come back and help????

Sherrie said...

Transitions are HARD! We miss people too. What's really strange is that when you come back to visit, everything and almost everyone will have moved on to their own new places of transition. The university haven seems like a dream now. Such is life.

Kellie said...

Ahh, Christy, I miss you guys! And the nursery for sure misses Ty :) I am excited for you guys in your new adventure; and will look for updates frequently! Good Luck with everything, stay in touch!

Burt Bunch said...

It's such a bittersweet thing when you embark on a new adventure! We hope all is well with your cute family and hopefully we can see you in Vegas sometime!