Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Long awaited pix of MJ

These were all taken within the past two weeks. Yes, she does look just like her Daddy and her brother. I recently had a friend say "So, what part of you did your kids get..."

Um....still waiting on that.

Here is my cute 1 year old!


katie+brandon said...


Katie Call said...

OH my heck, she's beautiful! Just like her Mama! :) Keep the pics a-comin'!

Bradeigh said...

She looks like a little feminine version of her brother! So darling!

Britta said...

Sooo precious!!! We miss you guys!!!!

Jo said...

So cute! And it is a bummer that we do all the work and then they look exactly like their daddy...

Amanda Hodges said...

She is so cute. We need to get our babies playing together when you are up here and I need to make time to come visit you!!! Miss you :)

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Anonymous said...


Ardy Making. said...

She is like an angel..

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