Saturday, May 24, 2008


I never thought that I could come away to vegas to catch some cooler temps at the end of May! Yesterday the high was mid 60's, today we havent gotten above 62 and it isnt expected to get warmer till next week! We have seen poeple in parka's! We think this is great, we've been walking around in shorts and t shirts! It has been raining off and on since we got here but its really nice. We've done some fun things and its nice for all of us to be together for a bit. We only wish we could have taken Ty swimming but oh well, he has come down with a nasty cold anyway. Probably all that recycled airplane air. So combining a cold with the pack n play and a new place Ty is making Jason make up for not having to get up with him the past 3 weeks!

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Julie Anna Poole said...

That stinks that Vegas is so cold right now...but I'm sure it's worth it being able to spend some time with your hubby! I didn't know you guys flew Have fun and play with me and Connor when you come back!