Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Osmond Phenomonon

I must admit that I have never understand the excitement about the Osmonds, but then again, I was born in the wrong generation apparently. Anyway, one of my greatest cousin friends is an Osmond. My mothers sister married Tom (for those of you not obsessed with the entire family Tom is one of the know, Alan, Merrill, Jimmy, Donny, Marie, a few others, and Tom.) So I have grown up hearing about "The Osmonds." I saw them on TV doing various talk shows, game shows, etc. Heck, Ive even met Donny and Marie (oh mercy me!) Ive even been to Donnys house. My way. I did benefit from the Ownership Alan had in the Stadium of Fire a few years ago and was able to go for free to see none other than the BEACH BOYS (with back up drummer John Stamos oh la la).
Now here is the point I am getting too... Today we were hanging out downtown and decided to do the conference Center tour. In our group was a man from Missouri. When we were on the roof looking at the temple this man starts expressing how this has been his best vacation ever because he saw Donny Osmond in the temple yesterday. He just couldnt believe it and he was so curious about what was going on and why he would be there. Well, I couldnt help it. I said "Well, he is an active member of the church who has a current recommend, but if that isnt enough to get him to the temple then the marriage of his son is." He looked at me with a very bewildered look...I could tell he wanted to hear more so I said "yeah, Im related to the Osmonds." Granted Im not related the THE OSMONDS, just SOME Osmonds. Maybe someday I will fully appreciate what so many others seem to love so dearly.