Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Years Resolutions...

I dont believe in NY resolutions. If you ask me they are just one more thing to fail at. Im not saying that change is impossible, we could all handle a bit of change in our lives. I've decided that every year I will resolve to make no resolutions. In one of my health classes we had a discussion once about how January is the most "depressing" month of the year. Now forget the fact that its the coldest, and the most dismal, and the darkest, and there's that whole "after the holidays blues: "look how much money I spent, look how much weight I gained, why didnt anyone get me that ____ I really wanted" etc. I think the biggest problem is the fact that people competely unreasonable resolutions. Just a thought. Here's what I think about thesome of the most common resolutions:
**climbing on soapbox**
1) Exercise-I'll be the first one to tell you this is a great change for anyone-but to simply say "Im going to exercise" doesnt work. How about something like "I am going to run 3x a week." "I am going to follow ACSM guidelines of cummuliative 30 minutes of activity a day" (which includes walking up stairs, walking through a parking lot, etc.)
2)Lose Weight-Again, great goal...if its needed... There are many shapes and sizes that are healthy. Resolving to fit into a size, or be a certain weight isn't the healthiest way to go. How about figuring out what your optimal health is by using the things that really count like Blood Pressure, Pulse, Vo2, total lean body mass, etc. *AND*Don't restrict yourself from foods that you really love. Its way to depressing to not indulge.
3)Quit Smoking/Drinking- great resolution. No one should smoke or drink. Gross. But don't expect to do it cold turkey. Few people can...very very few.
4) Enjoy life more- How bout doing something you've always wanted to do but didn't think you had the time or money to do? Pick up a new hobby. Call an old friend. Spend more time with family. Learn something new. :)

***Off the soapbox.***

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Jenny M said...

Thanks! Great advice! Although I'm quite happy that I made my resolution to lose 10 lbs. in ONE day!