Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Forever weened

A few months ago we took T's pacifier away for good. He has only had it when he sleeps since his 1st birthday and we tried a couple times to take it away for good but because of moving it didn't work out. So, we tried to take it away when we knew we didn't have anything that we constitute as a "big change" for him--no traveling, no moving, he was already out of his crib, etc. Well, I was anticipating something strait out a horror film. He only had a hard time falling asleep ONE NIGHT. It took him about an hour and he wanted me to sit by his bed and hold his hand, but no tears. The next night he asked for it a few times but went to bed with no tears. After that, he just accepted that "all the other babies" get the pacifiers. Needless to say I actually had a hard time with taking it away. I felt like I was stripping him of the last thing he had that was even remotely "baby!"

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Burt Bunch said...

Yay for Ty! It's such an accomplishment when they can let go of that comfort. Hope you guys are doing great, we sure miss you guys and all the shorline peeps!