Friday, September 12, 2008

18 months and growing...

Today was Ty's 18 month appointment with his pediatrician. I cant believe his next appt will be when he is two!
He is growing like a weed and developing perfectly! He is above average in many of the categories for his age. We are just so proud of our little over-acheiver! The funny thing is that we like to think we have a tough little guy. He can handle a fall off 3 metal stairs like a champ. He runs into a wall...nothing. He can face-plant on the cement and he's fine...but try to weigh and measure that kid and he has a coronary. I havent heard him scream that loud since the last time he had to be weighed and measured. I wouldnt exactly say it was funny but it was a little ironic that while he was hyperventilating during the easy part, when it came time to getting his two shots he was upset that we had to pin him but then sat up, nuzzled into my shoulder and just said "ouch." No screaming, no crying, nothing. :)

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Katie and Brandon Bitter said...

This kid is the best kid ever. Just plain the best. Ever. Miss ya'll. Want to babysit him.