Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Little Pillsbury Dough Boy

Today I decided to make some Pillsbury Grand Biscuits (that I got for all of .50 cents...go me). I hate opening those stupid pop package things. They freak me out. My mom thinks it stems back to a time when I was a child and I went grocery shopping with her. Apparently the car was very warm and on the way home one of those stupid things exploded sending me into a fit of despair, hysterics, and of course, fear. Anyway, I had Jason open it for me and then I set it on the table while I prepared the cookie sheet and a few other things for dinner. Although Ty was sitting in his booster seat and turned away from the table, I underestimated either the length of his arms or his strange "elastigirl" (see the incredibles) abilities because it the two seconds I had my back turned he had found himself fully satisfied eating the raw dough. I turned to the sound of him saying "Yum Yum." This is why my chemicals and cleaning stuff is on a shelf even I can hardly reach. And if you are wondering, he enjoyed them just as much when they were cooked.

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Katie and Brandon Bitter said...

Best thing ever. I wish I could have seen it, or that you could have had a video.
no, those things freak me out too. Brandon usually has to do them for me. I hate them. Like a freaking jack in the box for adults.