Monday, September 29, 2008

Ty's new toy

Ty has always been very good around babies. He doesn't have to be told to be soft or anything. He is just so sweet and loves to give babies kisses. I'm hoping that the doll we bought him a few weeks ago will help encourage that behavior. For a while I have been on Jason to let me buy Ty a doll and a stroller. I was finally able to come to an agreement with him about a doll. Its a baby cabbage patch kid. He LOVES this doll. He will hold him and rock him and give him loves all the time. Jason and Ty have named him "ya-ya." Well, about the stroller... Every stroller out there is pink or purple. I'm with Jason on this one. I don't want Ty have a blue doll and a pink and purple stroller. Well the other day we saw a couple of our neighbors with blue baby strollers! Apparently Build a Bear sells them so we went and bought one! Ty LOVES it! He will push that baby all day long! After I replace the batteries on the camera I am going to try and get video of him!


Katie and Brandon said...

I love that little man!

Anna said...

Connor has a little cabbage patch doll as well. He pushes him around in a wheel barrow (weird I know) or pulls him in a little wagon. I can't wait to see pictures of Ty!

Jennie Yri said...