Monday, October 13, 2008

Exciting day in NY

Today mom, dad, Ty, and grandpa went to the Bronx Zoo to play. (the bronx zoo is the largest zoo in the US only because the San Diego Zoo is now catagorized as a wildlife preserve). We all had a lot of fun! We got there early enough to watch the sea lions get fed and we also got to watch a 3 month old pup play around. We spent all of our morning and early afternoon there. Then we came home and we spent some time with a friend from NJ and then all the boys went to MSG to see the Rangers (the NY NHL hockey team) play. It was a great game and Jason came home super stoked that they are now in first place and are 5-0. Because of this packed day Ty wasnt able to take a nap. He was perfectly fine and content until about 7pm tonight...right when he finished dinner (see pic at the left.) And for those who are wondering, he was better behaved then we were on the flight out!

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Katie and Brandon said...

Sounds like alot of fun, thanks for the pictures.