Monday, October 20, 2008

To sum it all up

Well, we are back from NY. It was a GREAT trip! Jason and I agree it was definitely one of the best traveling experiences ever! We flew into JFK on Saturday the 11th in the afternoon. We spent the day just hanging out with Jasons family. Sunday was another hang-out day with the fam. Monday was the day at the Bronx Zoo, Tuesday we went up to Connecticut to visit some people from Jason's past. Wednesday we went down to Manhattan (about a 20-30 minute train ride) and we went to Wicked and just walked about for a while. Thursday and Friday Jason and I made a variety of fun things in Mary Anne's studio. We made Ty a costume for Halloween, he is going to be a red M&M. :) Jason made him a fleece squish ball and I made a big foot pillow. I will stuff it and post pictures at some point but it's flippin cool. Friday night we took Ty to the city for the first time and let him play inside F.A.O Schwartz. Saturday we spent the morning on Coney Island where we went to the NY Aquarium and walked the boardwalk. And I was able to try my first "Famous" Nathans hot dog from the original store. Very cool. I added my FAVORITE picture from Saturday. Its my two boys checking out the Atlantic from the boardwalk. And the flight home was fine. Ty was a bit hyper but he didn't cry, scream, or lash out at all! He spent most of the time flirting with some people sitting around us. Thanks for a trip that couldn't have been better grandma and grandpa Ciccotelli!

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