Friday, October 10, 2008

Off to NY

One of the first posts of this blog was the last time we were in NY for New Years. ( NY for NY...).

Now we are off again! In 12 short hours we will be off to the airport. We are excited for the trip once we are there, but the getting there is leaving me slightly anxious! The flight is about 5 hours and we arent exactly sure how our 19 month old (active) child is going to handle it. The last NY trip was difficult, but not terrible because he couldnt walk yet. The flights to/from vegas werent too bad because he was tired and a little sick so he just wanted to cuddle (plus its a short flight). Wish us luck!

Once we get there we have a lot of fun things planned and we are very excited to see Jasons family! We are mostly excited to see how they react to how big out little guy is! Hopefully we can keep up with our activities and post pictures.

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Anna said...

Have fun in New York! By now you've been there for a few days, but I hope your flight went well and that you are having lots of fun!